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Shuncheng Ceramics Group won 9 awards, the biggest winner in the ceramic industry!

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On April 20, 2019, "Looking Forward to A Win-Win Future -- 2019 China Architectural Design and Ceramics Industry Development Forum and China Ceramics King Award (CKA) Award Ceremony" was grandly held in Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Thousands of visitors from all over the world gathered together to witness this historic moment!
Honor witness strength
Known as the " China Ceramic Carrier ", Shuncheng Ceramics Group, won 9 awards, and became the biggest winner in the ceramic industry with a 1 gold and 8 silver medals.
Never Lose Faith in Making Good Tiles 
As one of the most authoritative and high-standard selection activities of architectural ceramics and sanitary ware industry in China, CKA leads the development direction of product design concept and technology with the "blind evaluation" method pioneered by the industry.
Shuncheng won 9 awards and became the biggest winner in the ceramic industry
Since its establishment, Shuncheng Ceramics Group has always regarded products as the foundation of enterprise development and continuously focused on advanced research and development of products. Winning awards included a Gold Medal of Archaize Brick", Two Silver Award of "Big Slabs ", Two "Silver Award of Marble Tile", Two "Silver Award of Polishing tile" and a "Silver Award of Rustic Tiles". To Shuncheng, it means more than trophies; it’s the affirmation of enterprise strength and product quality.
Innovation leads to smart made-in-China for win-win
After 21 years of development and precipitation, Shuncheng Ceramics Group has become a large domestic ceramic group with high production capacity and output value and complete supporting facilities.
Science and technology research center of Shuncheng Ceramics Group
The Enterprise owns more than 8000 square meters of research and development technology center and hundreds of professional design and technical team. It is titled with "Member of Expert Enterprise Workstation of Guangdong Province", "Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection of Foshan Ceramic Engineering Technology Research and Development Center", "Ceramic Engineering Technology Research and Development Center of Guangdong Province". The group also own "The Oil Stain Resistant and Antibacterial Durable Ceramic Tile", "Anion Ceramic Tiles", "New Ceramic Tiles" and so on a number of utility model and appearance patents.
Scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting site
Over the past two years, five product series of Shuncheng Ceramics Group has been identified as "the international leading level" and "the international advanced level", which are "Saint Stone Series", "Danqing Series", "High Performance Tiles", "Thin Big Slabs" And "Full Body Athens Stone Series". Shuncheng promises to continue the synchronized growth with constructional ceramics industry with ongoing upgrades and developments in technological.
In the future, Shuncheng will continue to take "the world's leading ceramics group" as its goal, constantly challenge itself, lead the future with product quality and technological innovation, and show the world the innovative strength of Chinese ceramics!
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